There are policies that fit all budgets and styles of travel.  There are three primary policy types to consider:  1) Emergency Medical Evacuation, 2) Travel Medical including Evacuation, 3) Comprehensive Trip Protection plans.   In a nutshell, here are the key benefits to each plan and what type of traveler it may fit best:

  1. Stand-alone Emergency Medical Evacuation: This policy will arrange for and cover the cost of a medically necessary emergency evacuation to an appropriate medical facility.  This can be financially devasting as medical evacuation can easily cost $75,000 or more, and if individually arranged through an air ambulance company they would want to be paid in advance.  This coverage is a good fit for someone traveling to their second home or timeshare, who has international health insurance, and does NOT have any prepaid trip costs to protect (air, hotel, cruise, tours & excursions, etc.).  A stand-alone Emergency Medical Evacuation plan can typically be purchased per trip, or on an annual basis to cover multiple trips during the year.
  2. Travel Medical including Evacuation: This policy provides coverage for emergency accident or sickness medical expenses – many health insurance and Medicare plans provide limited or no coverage outside of the U.S.  This plan will also cover the cost of a medically necessary emergency evacuation.  This coverage is a great fit for clients that do NOT have any prepaid trip costs (air, hotel, cruise, tours & excursions, etc.), but want to protect against a catastrophic medical claim.  A Travel Medical policy can typically be purchased per trip or on an annual basis to cover multiple trips.
  3. Comprehensive Trip Protection Plans: These are the most popular plans, loaded with benefits and bundled into a convenient package.  They are designed for the traveler who wants to protect the cost of their trip against unforeseen cancellation or interruption, and who want coverage when facing costly medical and evacuation expenses.  These plans also protect against a variety of other events such as trip delays, lost or stolen baggage and missed connections.  Depending on the plan, there may also be an option to purchase Rental Car and Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverages.

Travel Assistance Services

Having a travel insurance policy gives extra peace of mind, as most plans provide global assistance services. Whether it’s arranging for replacement eyeglasses or an RX, providing a legal assistance referral, or helping with lost passports, these services are invaluable during travel emergencies.