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Traveling During a Pandemic

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Wondering if traveling during a pandemic is something you should do? Let’s dive in. With the past year of COVID-19 breakouts, we heard stories of tourists stuck in locations unexpectedly. Many without an alternative and hoping for the borders to open again, and many wishing they had opted for that optional travel insurance to save the day.

While everyone thought the pandemic was only a 2020 thing, we somehow find ourselves in 2021 looking at a new way of travel. While your travel plans may look different, and you may not be jetting off to the hippest international hot spots, it’s still important to remember new routines are important to keep us healthy and keep others safe.

The good news, vaccinations are a ray of hope and people are starting to travel again. That’s good news for 2021 travel goals, and it’s important to consider where to go next. Just don’t forget to protect yourself with travel insurance before you pack your bags.  Ready to consider travel? Here are our top trips for 2021.

Best Trips 2021; You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Costa Rica

New Zealand was one of the few countries that suppressed Corona in its initial stages and continues to have good results. To visit this culturally rich county down under, including those well know places from the movies, you will still have to go through strict SOPs measurements, including travel insurance to protect yourself.

New Zealand

Getting injured or sick far away from home can be extremely stressful. Not having a list of your emergency contacts can make these medical emergencies much worse. As previously mentioned, proper planning goes a long way when trying to handle medical problems in another country. Before you embark on your business trip abroad, take the time to make a list of your emergency contacts.

Getting this list laminated so it can be easily carried in your wallet is a good idea. Having this information can make it easy for the medical professionals treating you to contact your family.


They say that Greece has something for everyone, and it definitely makes the list of best destinations of 2021. Be it the island of Santorini or Mykonos, surely this is a place to dive into new areas, foods, sights, and culture. What more could you want? If this is not on your bucket list, it should be. Ready for international travel? Grab your vaccination and insurance cards and you’re ready to go.


This is a diverse country that is welcoming back travelers in 2021. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. From the busy Istiklal streets to the turquoise water and iconic beaches, that will make you not want to leave, Turkey will have you experiencing the best of 2021. Grab your bags, because paradise is calling.


Italy is at the top of Google searches for travel. Who can argue when it’s always been a favorite for tourists from around the world. The world is opening up after a year and people are ready to experience something new for their best 2021 trips. We suggest you bring a hungry stomach and an attitude for fun. Don’t forget the pandemic isn’t over so be sure to prepare in advance with travel insurance and the medical care you may need.

Importance of Travel Insurance During Covid-19

Travel insurance covers costs and losses while you are away from home. It has always been essential for experienced travelers, but during these critical times, travel insurance has become the norm.

  • With the on and off lockdown policies, travel agencies can deny you a refund. Travel insurance can help you recoup your money.
  • It helps you prepare for travel-related emergencies.
  • In case of any Covid symptoms or any other unforeseen health complication, travel insurance can protect your investment.
  • During these times, many countries require you to have travel insurance.
  • With so many options in the market, you can get travel insurance at affordable prices.


A holiday can be a perfect excuse to get away from stress and mundane activities. Thankfully, the world is opening up, and you can finally enjoy your leisure time by creating a special experience. With a little help from our top 2021 travel destinations, a bucket list Google search, and the security of travel insurance you can explore everything under the stars. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, just make it fun!

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