FAQ  How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance for Your Trip

How do you handle Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

You can secure a plan if you have pre-existing medical conditions, but some exclusions will apply. If during the 60 day period before you purchase your policy you are first diagnosed with a medical condition (or had a change in diagnosis), required a change in prescription medication, were advised to seek medical attention or had exhibited symptoms which would have caused a reasonable person to seek medical attention then claims related to such medical conditions are excluded.  However, if you purchase a TME Preferred (Better) or Elite (Best) Trip Protection Plan, we do include a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver so long as the plan is purchased within 14 days of initial trip deposit,  all pre-paid trip costs are insured, and you are medically able to travel on your effective date.  Traveling against the advice of a physician or for the purpose of seeking medical services (aka medical tourism) is excluded from coverage under the medical expenses portion of our policy.